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Holidays at Home: Getting Your Christmas Tree Safely Home This Year

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and people everywhere are busy making preparations for the holiday season. Many of us will begin decorating for Christmas as soon as the Thanksgiving leftovers are put away (or some of us have decked the halls before Turkey Day arrives!) and a huge part of that holiday decor plan is the Christmas tree. If you are a stickler for tradition, you might insist on a real tree every year, and we understand. The fresh, evergreen scent, the beauty of bringing the outdoors in, and the fun of decorating a unique tree each year are just a few reasons why real Christmas trees are a popular choice with many. However, getting your tree home can be a challenge, and if you don’t do it the right way, it can end up costing you in damages and legal fees. Christmas trees coming loose from the roof or back of your car could not only damage your own vehicle, but could lead to accidents with other drivers as well, and YOU would be responsible for the injuries and/or damages if you failed to properly secure your tree for the journey home. 

Remember these tips when it’s time to make the trek home from the tree farm, the hardware store, or the corner lot with your prize in tow: 

  • Wrap the tree before transport! Many providers offer both twine and heavy-duty plastic netting or sheeting for wrapping and tying down your tree. Wrapping the tree means less wind resistance, which means your tree will stay tied down more securely. Another perk of wrapping your tree firmly before you hoist it up and tie it down? The wrapping will protect your tree from wind damage as you drive! 
  • If you have a roof rack, use heavy rope or bungee cords to securely fasten the tree in multiple points from the trunk all the way to the top where the branches end. If you don’t have a roof rack, open all of the windows on the vehicle, and carry the rope or cording through the interior of the car, bringing it back up over the tree multiple times. Overkill is a good thing in this case. The more tie down points, the better.
  • Turn the tree with the trunk facing the FRONT of the car for better aerodynamics and less resistance.
  • Drive slowly and use back roads or side roads when possible. Yes, people might be annoyed…but better annoyed drivers behind you than angry drivers ready to exchange insurance information because your tree went through their windshield when you reached highway speeds!

If you can't stick to these safety measures, ask your local provider about having a tree shipped to your home, or call a friend or family member who has a vehicle who can handle bringing your tree home securely. This year has had enough uncertainties without worrying about whether or not your tree will make it home safely. Another security you can rest in? Jiles Law going to court FOR you when unexpected curveballs come your way. We work alongside you to help you make informed decisions, explain the parts of your case that get confusing or difficult, and advocate for you in the courtroom from day one until the case closes. Winter Haven trusts our team first when they need top quality legal care. Call us!