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What Happens if a Dog Bites Another Dog in Florida?

  • Florida Dog Bite Laws: When One Dog Attacks Another-Winter Haven Dog Bite Lawyer

Under Florida law, dog owners are responsible for the behavior of their pets, and that can include being held liable if the dog causes damage or injury. You might realize that a dog owner can be held responsible for any damage to persons bitten via a personal injury claim if the owner was negligent in securing or otherwise overseeing his or her dog.

But did you know that even if the owner wasn’t negligent, he or she might be held liable if a dog bites another person? Find out more about Florida dog laws below, including what might happen if a dog bites or attacks another dog in the Sunshine State. Speak To A Winter Haven Dog Bite Lawyer

The Florida Dangerous Dog Classification

Florida has a law that classifies certain dogs as dangerous. This classification is related to previous behavior by a dog. If a dog has engaged in the following behavior, it may be classified as a dangerous dog:

  • Caused a serious injury to a person or otherwise aggressively attacked or bit the person
  • Acted in an aggressive or menacing manner toward a person, such as chasing them down the sidewalk in a threatening manner
  • Repeatedly caused injury or death to another domestic animal, such as another dog, a cat, or even livestock, while away from the property of the person who owns it

So, if a dog bites another dog and it is not a serious incident, the dangerous dog classification isn’t likely to be applied. However, if a dog bites multiple other dogs, it may be deemed a dangerous dog.

In this case, animal control may deem that the dog should be destroyed. Even if the dog is not destroyed, or pending any decision, the owner of the dog must fulfill a number of responsibilities. That includes registering the dog with the state, confining the dog in a humane but secure manner, posting signs about the dog on the property, and getting the dog tattooed with an identifying mark or electronic implantation device.

Winter Haven Dog Bite Lawyer

Once a dog is classified as dangerous, owners face potential criminal liability as well as civil liability if the dog attacks a person or another animal. If a dangerous dog attacks another dog, for example, the owner of the dangerous dog could face a fine and prison time. Speak To A Winter Haven Dog Bite Lawyer

Can You Seek Compensation if Your Dog Was Attacked by Another Dog?

You may be able to seek compensation if another dog seriously injures your dog. There are two legal concepts that come into play here.

First, under Florida law, dog owners are liable for any damage their dogs do unless it can be shown that the actions of another person were partially or wholly at fault for the incident. So, if you’re walking your dog on the street and another dog runs up and attacks your dog, the other dog’s owner might be liable. However, if you and your dog enter another person’s property unannounced and goad the person’s dog, then you may be partially at fault for any injuries and need to speak with a Winter Haven dog bite lawyer.

Second, under common liability laws, you may be able to seek compensation for your damages if you can show that the owner of the other dog was negligent in some way. Note that you don’t have to demonstrate negligence under the first type of case. Speak To A Winter Haven Dog Bite Lawyer

What Happens if a Dog Attacks or Bites a Person?

The same rules apply when a dog bites or attacks a person. The owner of the dog is typically considered to be liable for any injuries or damages unless the person who was attacked is shown to have been somehow at fault for the incident.

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There are some exceptions in the law, for example, that reduce or remove liability if a dog is protecting its owner from an attack or other danger. This is actually true for the dangerous dog classification, too. A dog who acts to protect its owner and ends up biting someone might not be classified as a dangerous dog depending on the circumstance of the case. Speak To A Winter Haven Dog Bite Lawyer

Connect With a Winter Haven Dog Bite Lawyer Regarding Your Dog Bite Case

The information above is a quick and general post about Florida dog bite laws and potential personal injury, and it’s certainly not meant to be legal advice. The truth is that every personal injury case is unique, and it often takes an experienced Winter Haven dog bite lawyer to understand whether a claim has merit and what the best path to potential compensation is.

If you have experienced financial losses because of a dog bite or attack, you may have a potential claim under Florida law. It’s possible that you might be able to seek compensation for damages such as:

  • Medical bills to treat any wounds or other injuries caused by the dog attack
  • Lost wages and income if you were unable to work due to injuries from the dog attack
  • Property damages if a dog destroyed or damaged your property
  • Vet bills if your dog or another domestic animal you own was seriously injured by a dog attack

The best way to know if you have a potential case for compensation is to speak with an experienced Winter Haven Dog Bite Lawyer. To schedule an appointment with Jiles Law to discuss your case, give us a call at  863-226-0894 to book a free consultation with a Winter Haven dog bite lawyer. You can also fill out this form; we will contact you soon..

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