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Trucking Accident Attorney in Winter Haven, FL

Accidents involving semi-trucks can be very traumatic. These trucks are very large and may be hauling large amounts of materials. In addition, the semi-trucks can be very hard to drive and have many blind spots that may affect the truck drivers ability to recognize and avoid an accident with you.

Many insurance policies for trucking companies include an initial self-insured retainer. This means that if you are in an accident with a semi-truck, you must negotiate your claim with an insurance company in addition to the trucking company who may have a significant say on the negotiations. Our law firm has experienced lawyers in handling semi-truck accident cases and dealing with the insurance company and trucking company representatives, especially those where a person has suffered significant injuries.

Accidents involving semi-trucks can be made worse by the actions of the trucking company or the driver himself/herself. Overworked truck drivers are less alert and less able to react to changing traffic conditions. Sometimes, the truck driver is responsible by driving aggressively, tailgating, ignoring the reduced truck speed limit, using his or her cell phone, or being fatigued. Other times, the trucking company is more responsible by creating unrealistic schedules, failing to maintain tires, brakes, or lights, and long work shifts. Finally, trucking accidents could be caused by shifting or falling cargo, faulty inspection or repair, or overloaded vehicles.

Please do not try to negotiate your claim with the insurance company and the trucking company representative yourself. Call our firm immediately so that we may take that burden off of you so we can protect your rights.

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