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How Can Truck Accidents Differ From Car Accidents?

How Can Truck Accidents Differ From Car Accidents?

Truck accidents can differ from car accidents in a number of ways. First, understand that when we say ‘truck’ we’re not necessarily referring to a personal vehicle, like a pickup truck. Instead, we’re talking about accidents involving larger, commercial, or business-related trucks such as shipping trucks, semis, or “big rigs.” Accidents involving these kinds of trucks can differ greatly from those limited to personal vehicles, not only because of the markedly increased size of the vehicles themselves but also due to the greater complexity of the legal issues surrounding them.

Why Are Accidents Involving Trucks So Much More Destructive?

It may seem obvious, but accidents involving large, commercial trucks can be substantially more devastating to other vehicles and property simply because of their massive size. Whereas a personal vehicle such as a four-door Sedan can weigh approximately two tons, an eighteen-wheeler can weigh anywhere from 17 to 40 tons depending on how much cargo it’s carrying. When you imagine that kind of weight moving anywhere from 30 to 75 miles per hour, you can see why an accident involving a truck of that size can be nothing short of catastrophic.

How Are the Legal Issues Surrounding Truck Accidents More Complex?

Due to the highly-increased value of larger commercial trucks and the often highly-valuable cargo they contain, the businesses that commission, maintain, and utilize these vehicles are often required by state and federal regulations to be covered by multiple insurance carriers, all of whom will be involved in any legal disputes or claims that arise out of an accident. Beyond that, several different companies are likely to be involved in assuming blame with regard to any accidents. A thorough investigation or accounting of the circumstances leading to the accident will look into the shipping company itself, the truck manufacturer, and any garages or teams responsible for the truck’s maintenance. Most or all of these entities will be represented by their own legal teams, so it’s easy to see how legal proceedings can become very complex.

Should I Speak With an Attorney Regarding My Truck-Related Accident?

As previously mentioned, when a vehicular accident involves a large commercial truck, it significantly complicates both the damage incurred and the legal aftermath. Without the advice of a knowledgeable attorney, you may find yourself mired in a complex legal situation involving multiple companies and insurance carriers, all of whom likely have a large budget set aside for the sole purpose of navigating the court system to their benefit. That’s why, should you find yourself in such an unfortunate situation, you should immediately seek legal counsel in order to avoid being caught off guard and outmatched.

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