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Florida Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Florida Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Everyone who owns a motor vehicle has it, but most people don’t know what PIP is or how it can help you after they have been in a car accident. PIP stands for Personal Injury Protection and is required to be carried by everyone who owns a vehicle in the state of Florida. The law requires that each person maintain a minimum $10,000 PIP coverage.  PIP is a first-party insurance coverage and will help cover your medical expenses, lost wages, and even can be used to reimburse for things like lawn care and housekeeping that are required as a result of your accident.

Fla.Stat. 627.736 requires that the insurance company provide personal injury protection coverage to all insureds insured in the amount of $10,000. This coverage generally will pay up to 80% of all medically necessary treatment due to the accident. The treatment can include surgery, X-rays, dental procedures, rehabilitative treatment and more. PIP also covers 60% of loss wages that were suffered by the accident. This could include immediate time off due to the accident or time off at later dates for doctor appointments or surgery.

Many people do not know that PIP coverage can help pay for household services that you are no longer capable of doing because of the accident. For example, if you are responsible for your own lawn maintenance and are temporarily or permanently unable to continue this chore on your own, you can be partially reimbursed for the hiring of a lawn service.

Finally, PIP is allowed to pay $5,000 in death benefits if you or a loved one were to be in a fatal car accident or sustain injuries that lead to someone passing away. Obviously there is no amount of money that can comfort you when you have lost a loved one, but people need to understand this benefit is available to relieve some of the financial pressures after the death of a loved one.

PIP benefits may be available to more than just the named insured. PIP may extend to household relatives, a friend borrowing your car, passengers, or maybe even someone that was hit by a car walking down the street. Who qualifies for coverage can be difficult to determine sometimes on your own and we would suggest that you contact a personal injury lawyer to discuss questions of coverage. PIP benefits are here to help you begin to restore your life to the way it was before an accident. You pay for this coverage so do not miss out on the benefits that you are entitled to receive.

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