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Exclusions, Exclusions, Exclusions!!!!!!

Many folks purchase insurance policies and assume they are protected from all manner of legal consequences if their actions inadvertently cause injury to another person.  Many times, you would be right to assume this.  For example, if a person is not necessarily paying attention to the road while they are driving and accidentally rear ends another person, the at-fault party’s liability insurance would protect the at fault driver in the even that he or she was sued.

However, many insurance policies contain exclusions.  An exclusion in an act that if occurs, will not be covered by the insurance policy.   If an event happens that could potentially fall within an exclusion of an insurance policy, then the insurance company will not pay out money on any claim and it will leave the insured exposed to personal liability for which he or she will be responsible for.

Some common exclusions in insurance policies in Florida include, Acts of God, Intentional Acts, Criminal Acts exclusions, non-owned vehicle exclusion, workers compensation exclusion, and resident relative exclusion.

Insurance companies write policies and issue exclusions to protect their own financial interests.  However, if an insurance company tells you that and event is an excluded event, you need to have someone look at the claim more closely.  Some acts that cause financial damage or personal injury seem to be excluded under insurance policies but after a closer look, may actually be the exact type of incident that the insurance policy was meant to protect against.  The line between a covered act and an excluded act can often times be very thin.

If you are involved in any incident where you may have a claim against an insurance company, please consult a lawyer prior to accepting the insurance company’s response that an event is an excluded event.  As a consumer and a person who has potentially been harmed by an event that was not your fault, it is important to make sure your rights are protected.  Don’t let an insurance company tell you that your accident, injury, or damage is not covered by an insurance policy.