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If you have been wrongfully injured by a reckless third party, whether it be an auto accident or slip and fall, it’s imperative to contact a personal injury law firm immediately to help you explore your legal rights. The personal injury lawyers at Jiles Law P.A. will investigate your case to determine liability, negotiate compensation with any responsible parties, or advocate for you in court. You can count on the attorneys at Jiles Law P.A. to be on your side every step of the way.

Personal Injury Claims Process

Whether you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, an auto accident or trucking accident, or through a slip and fall accident, our personal injury attorneys will fight to hold the negligent party responsible for their actions. We will review the details of your case using witness testimony, expert witnesses, police reports, photographs, and other resources, and we’ll continue to investigate to determine liability for the incident. We will also work with you to evaluate the extent and value of your injuries. We will then work to settle the case with the insurance companies or represent you in court, if necessary, to ensure that you receive any compensation you may be entitled to by the negligent party.

Personal Injury Compensation

As anyone injured at the hands of another party can testify, there’s far more to being injured than just physical pain; it often entails high medical bills, physical and mental pain and suffering, missed wages and lost earning capacity, property damages, and more. While not every case is the same, we will give your case the time and attention it deserves.

Jiles Law P.A. serves clients in Winter Haven, Lakeland, Haines City, or anywhere in the Polk County, FL area, and we are ready to advocate for you. If you have suffered an injury that was the result of the negligence of another, then contact us at (863) 875-6900 today to schedule a free consultation with our attorneys.

Auto Accidents

Serious motor vehicle accidents require an experienced attorney to handle the special legal issues involved in these types of claims.

Trucking Accidents

Accidents involving semi-trucks can be very traumatic. These trucks are very large and may be hauling large amounts of materials.

Motorcycle Accidents

Serious motorcycle accidents require an experienced attorney to handle the special legal issues involved in these types of claims.

Slip & Fall

The term “slip and fall” may be used to describe a variety of different ways a person may fall on somebody’s else’s property.